Hair Art Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker Greaser Hair

Photo of Wade Walker hairstyle.

Wade Walker is a character played by movie maestro Johnny Depp in the all so popular movie known as ‘Cry Baby’. The greaser or drape as he is referred to in the movie is renowned for his unique ability to shed a single tear and has extraordinary cute hair.The Wade Walker greasy hair is not […]

Hair Art Jeff “Kenickie” Conaway Ducktail Hair In The Movie Grease

Photo of Kenickie hairstyle.

Jeff Conaway was an American actor in film and on television. His most popularly known roles were Kenickie in Grease, Bobby Wheeler in the TV show Taxi, and Security Chief Zack Allan of an iconic Babylon 5 television series and movies. His look was quite different for each of these roles. Here, is a look […]

Hair Art The Most Remembered Little Richard Hairstyle

Picture of Little Richard 1950s hairstyle.

Little Richard is the stage name of American singer/songwriter, musician, and actor, Richard Wayne Penniman. He is the self proclaimed “architect of Rock and Roll”. He is the first artist to put “funk” into his music and was instrumental in the evolution of Rock and Roll music. He was a member of the first group […]

Hair Art Rick Astley Pompadour Hairstyle Of The 1980s

Photo of Rick Astley pompadour hairstyle.

Rick Astley is a singer/songwriter and musician from England. He is best known for the song, “Never Gonna Give You Up”, which was originally released in 1987. This song became a number 1 hit in 25 different countries. Here is a look back at the Rick Astley hairstyle of that era.Rick Astley 80s hairstyle.The 80s […]

Hair Art Buddy Holly Hairstyle

Photo of Buddy Holly hairstyle.

Buddy Holly hairstyle.Buddy Holly was one of the pioneers of rock and roll music in the US. His real name was Charles Hardin Holley, but he will always be remembered by his stage name. He had a very short career that ended tragically in his death due to a plane crash after only a year […]

Hair Art Kim Nekroman Psychobilly Hairstyle

Photo of Kim Nekroman psychobilly hairstyle.

If you want to have a Kim Nekroman hairstyle, you are not the only one. Kim is one of the many psychobilly rockers who does a fantastic job of looking the part. His hair is so popular among his fans, that it even has several of its own social networking pages.Kim Nekroman hairstyle.If you’re familiar […]

Hair Art Brian Setzer Rockabilly Hair

Picture of Brian Setzer classic rockabilly hair.

Brian SetzerMany people are interested in Brian Setzer rockabilly hair. For more than three decades, the man has been thrilling audiences with his 50s style music band, and then later with his swing orchestra. Here is a little closer look at the man, his music, and his hairstyle.Born in 1959 in Massapequa New York, he […]

Hair Art Conan O’Brien Hairstyle

Photo of Conan O'Brien hairstyle.

Conan O’Brien hairstyle.Conan O’Brien is an American talk show host and comedian. He is also a producer and writer. Like Donald Trump, Conan has his own signature hairstyle. Here, are some details about the Conan O’Brien hairstyle.O’Brien styles his hair in what most people would refer to as a pompadour. However, he adds some unique […]

Hair Art Luke Perry & Dylan McKay Hairstyles

Photo of Luke Perry conservative hairstyle.

Luke Perry hairstyle.Luke Perry is a 45 year old American actor with many television and film credits to his name. He is perhaps most well known for the role of Dylan McKay in the Fox television series, “Beverly Hills 90210″. He also played a small role with the sci-fi action film, “The Fifth Element”, as […]

Hair Art Gene Vincent Rock And Roll Hairstyle

Picture of Gene Vincent hairstyle.

Gene Vincent, born Vincent Eugene Craddock, was one of the early pioneers of American rock and roll as well as rockabilly music. He was the writer of “Be Bop a Lula”, which he performed with his band, the Blue Caps. He has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Rockabilly Hall of Fame. […]