Hair Art Kevin-Prince Boateng Short Mohawk Hair Style

Picture of Boateng short mohawk hairstyle.

Kevin-Prince Boateng is a soccer player who was born in Germany March 6, 1987. He also holds citizenship in Ghana since 2010. His professional team is the Serie A team Milan. In addition, he plays for the Ghana National team. While his soccer career has been marked by many impressive feats, the purpose here is […]

Hair Art Chris Brown Mohawk Haircut

Picture of Chris Brown mohawk haircut.

Chris Brown is an American singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer. He recorded his first album when he was sixteen years old and saw his debut single reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Brown’s dancing has been compared favorably with such greats as Michael Jackson. Here, we are going to look at the […]

Hair Art How To Get A Frohawk Hair Style

Photo of cornrowed afro mohawk.

One hairstyle that allows one to go a little wild without having to actually cut off a lot of hair is known as the frohawk. This style is only achievable by someone with Curly hair. Beyond that fact, there is not much to learning how to get a frohawk hair style.Creating A Frohawk Without Shaving […]

Hair Art Kid Cudi Hairstyles: Rapper Hair Fashion

Kid Cudi African American neo-fro haircut picture.

Kid Cudi Curly hairstyle.Kid Cudi, born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi is a young American singer, rapper and musician. He has released singles, albums and mixtapes. He performs and writes music for himself and others. He is celebrated as a “Most Stylish New Yorker” by Time Out. His racial heritage is half Mexican and half black, […]

Hair Art Sean Combs Short Curly African Hairstyles

Photo of Sean John Combs haircut.

Picture of Sean Combs aka P Diddy short Curly hairstyle. One of the hottest new men’s hairstyles today is sported by such famous personalities as rap artist and mogul “P. Diddy”. A short, punky cut allows those with all the hair appliances needed during the past few years to put them away and have some […]

Hair Art Black Natural Curly Mohawk Hair Styles

Picture of Sean John black mohawk hairstyle.

Chris Brown short Curly Mohawk hairstyle. The Mohawk hair style has long been associated with the punk subculture. However, there are a growing number of young men beginning to wear this hairstyle in different variations in the main stream. This process began in the mid 1980s when Mr. T made the style popular. Today, there […]

Hair Art Darrent Williams Frohawk (Afro Mohawk) Hairstyles

Picture of Darrent Williams men afro mohawk hairstyles

Darrent Williams frohawk hairstyle. Though Darrent Williams may no longer be around, he is never forgotten because of the legacies he left. One of these is the famous Darrent Williams frohawk hairstyle.Darrent Williams frohawk haircutDarrent Williams Afro Mohawk hairstyleDarrent Williams was one of the famous players for the Denver Broncos prior to his death. He […]

Hair Art The Unique Yung L.A. (Leland Austin) Mohawk Haircuts

Yung L.A. 'rock' Mohawk hairstyle

Yung L.A. Mohawk haircut. Leland Austin, more popularly known as Yung L. A., is a popular rapper. However, it’s not only his songs, which normally talk about social issues such as struggles in the streets, that make him one of the most noticeable singers these days. It’s also his hairstyle, which is aptly called the […]

Olivia at the Launch for “Fabulosity” for J.C. Penney

Olivia modeling a formal Hairstyle

The slick closeness of this style is chic and exquisite,  taking straight hair and twisting it into this neatly wrapped bun.  Olivia has a style that glimmers as well with the golden glow that comes from having it bleached to this tone

Jaslene Gonzalez at the “33 Club” Party

Jaslene Gonzalez Formal Hairstyle

Looking like she’s posing for a cover, Puerto Rican model, Jaslene Gonzalez, has a chic, formal hairstyle for this photo shoot.  Hair is tightly twisted, then wrapped into a spiral type bun.