Hair Art Gray Hairstyles For Older Men

As men get older, many of them are faced with the issue of balding or thinning hair. Another common condition faced by all is the changing of their hair color to gray. When this happens, the texture of the hair changes as well. This makes selecting gray hairstyles for older men a very important choice for those who want to continue to look their best.

Two primary factors are the texture of the hair and the thickness. Graying hair tends to grow in with a stiffer texture than others. Receding hairlines, thinning hair, and bald spots can have a major impact on what styles will look good on a man. His facial shape is also an important consideration.

Short Hairstyle

In general, the best looking gray hairstyles for older men tend to be short. On example of this would be Clint Eastwood. His hair continues to be full and thick, making it possible for him to wear a medium length cut that takes advantage of his hair’s natural waves.

Photo of Clint Eastwood hairstyle for men with gray hair.
Clint Eastwood hairstyle.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are not uncommon, though some men maintain thick enough coverage to be able to wear longer styles.

Picture of David Beckham buzz cut hairstyle.
David Beckham’s Buzz Cut hairstyle.

Caesar Cut

Men who are experiencing a receding hairline are more likely to need to choose a short cut such as the Caesar or one that permits a slightly mussed look. These styles can camouflage the hairline without looking forced the way some older styles did in the past.

Image of George Clooney hairstyle for mature men.
George Clooney hairstyle.

Spiky Hairstyle

Facial shape will impact the number of styles that are available to older men with gray hair. Those with round faces will tend to look better with square cut styles such as a flat top. For those who want to go wild, short Spiky hairstyle like Sting is a great choice. Rounded styles can make the inpidual look fatter than he really is.

Picture of Sting spiky hairstyle.
Sting hairstyle.

Short to Medium Length Hairstyle With Razor Ends

Men who have bald spot at their crown might consider a medium length style with razor cut ends to provide texture if their hair is still thick. This can help to draw attention away from the bald spot and provide a certain amount of natural looking camouflage. Those who are balding in general or whose hair is thinning dramatically should stick with simple, short cuts.

Photo of Harrison Ford hairstyle.
Harrison Ford hairstyle.

Side Parted Hairstyle

Men who have strong jaw lines and/or square faces usually look pretty good in medium or long styles. They may also choose to go with a short, rounded style such as parting the hair on one side and combing over.

Image of Pierce Brosnan hairstyle.
Pierce Brosnan hairstyle.

Gray Hairstyle

Many different styles that are popular today can be worn with gray hair as well as other colors. One key is selecting gray hairstyles for older men that project an air of confidence. A more modern style can help a man look younger than going with a style popular decades ago.

Image of Jay Manuel hairstyle.
Jay Manuel colored hairstyle.

Photos of Older Mens Hairstyles

One can find a style that he thinks might look good on him and take the picture to his stylist. It might, however, be a good idea to allow the stylist the right to override the choice if he/she thinks the style would not work with one’s features. After all, this person is trained to recognize how certain styles will look with certain facial shapes.

One’s best bet is probably to let the stylist have free reign in selecting gray hairstyles for older men. They can choose the style that best suits one’s features and hair texture. This will assure one that he is getting the best possible style to fit him.

Photo of Tim Burton curly hairstyle.
Tim Burton Curly hairstyle.

Picture of Eric Dane (as Dr. Mark Sloan) hairstyle in Grey's Anatomy.
Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) hairstyle.

Photo of Donald Trump hairstyle.
Donald Trump hairstyle.

Hair Art Gray Hairstyles For Older MenRichard Gere hairstyle.

Photo of Anderson Cooper ivy league haircut.
Anderson Cooper Ivy League haircut.

Photo of Colin Firth hairstyle: messy swept back hairstyle.
Colin Firth curly swept back hairstyle.

Picture of Bill Clinton hairstyle.
Bill Clinton hairstyle.

Image of Ian McKellen hairstyle.
Ian McKellen hairstyle.

Pic of Jack Nicholson hairstyle.
Jack Nicholson hairstyle.

Picture of Al Pacino hairstyle.
Al Pacino hairstyle.

Picture of Jon Stewart hairstyle.
Jon Stewart hairstyle.

Picture of Mark Harmon hairstyle.
Mark Harmon hairstyle.

Picture of Robert De Niro hairstyle.
Robert De Niro hairstyle.

Image of Taylor Hicks hairstyle.
Taylor Hicks hairstyle.

Image of Steve Martin hairstyle.
Steve Martin hairstyle.

Photo of Richard Branson hairstyle.
Richard Branson hairstyle.

Picture of Morgan Freeman hairstyle.
Morgan Freeman hairstyle.

Image of Jeff Bridges hairstyle.
Jeff Bridges hairstyle.

Photo of David Hasselhoff hairstyle.
David Hasselhoff hairstyle.

Matt Leblanc hairstyle photo for older men.
Matt Leblanc hairstyle.

Photo of David Lynch gray pompadour hairstyle.
David Lynch hair.

Photo of Mark Kermode quiff hairstyle.
Mark Kermode hairstyle. Photo credit: Den of Geek.

Photo of Roger Sterling hairstyle in the tv series Mad Men.
Roger Sterling hairstyle.

Photo of Bertram Cooper hairstyle.
Bertram Cooper hairstyle.

Photo of Keith Olbermann hairstyle.
Keith Olbermann hairstyle.

Photo of Nick Rhodes hairstyle.
Nick Rhodes hairstyle.

Photo of Nick Wooster hairstyle.
Nick Wooster hairstyle.

Selecting gray hairstyles for older men can be a complicated affair. Many simply choose to go with the option of having the hair cut short and close to the head. Buzz cuts are among the most commonly seen styles on men who have gone gray. However, there are other options available for those willing to consider how their facial features and hair condition can work together. Certain factors, such as thinning or balding vs maintaining a full thick head of hair, will have a direct impact on the best choice. The shape of one’s face will have a strong impact on what styles will work as well. This is because one wants to use the hairstyle to reshape the face and make it appear more oval in shape. Those with oval faces can wear virtually any style they choose.